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The Slam Ball is probably one of the most abused pieces of equipment in a Cross fit gym, personal training studio, or sports performance training center. To ensure it lasts, it is important they are taken care of and routinely maintained, just like we would a barbell.

A Slam Ball's shell is a synthetic mixture of rubber so it will dry out over time just like any other piece of rubber. Taking the three simple steps below can make a significant difference in how long your equipment will last, especially around the valve.

There are two ways you can maintain your Slam Ball, rubber medicine ball or rubber product:

  1. The first is, you can submerse the item in a 3:1 solution of 91% rubbing alcohol and wintergreen oil twice a year. I do not really recommend this type of maintenance with a slam ball. The liquid could penetrate the shell and mix with the sand and metal inside the ball causing it to be lumpy. This procedure is better suited for items like rubber bumper plates
  2. The second is really quite simple and and can be applied in three easy steps, once a month.
  • Clean the shell of your Slam Ball well with a mixture of alcohol and wintergreen oil. You can buy this in a premixed bottle at most any CVS, drugstore, or supermarket.
  • Apply Vaseline liberally to the entire shell of the Slam Ball, rubbing it in well, especially the valve area.
  • Take a dry rag and wipe off the excess.

    Three easy steps that can keep your Slam Ball looking and working like new. 



    • Christian

      Wintergreen oil revitalizes rubber, but you need to make sure you are diluting it. I would use the Vaseline over the wintergreen if the item is not getting submerged.

    • M

      What is the wintergreen oil intended to accomplish?

    • Christian

      Repairing a slam ball leak is quick & simple. You will need a bike tube patch and sand paper.

      •Scuff the area you are going to be patching well so the glue has something to grab onto.
      •Apply the glue that comes with the patch, and then apply the patch.
      •Turn the ball over to rest on the patch and let it dry.

      If you are patching the valve area, be sure the ball has plenty of air before you glue and patch it.

    • Tony

      our slam balls seem to hold up well on the rubber portion, but many have began to leak at the inlet. Is there a way to maintain or to repair the ball if it starts leaking there?

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