Body Solid Pro Dual Vertical Press/Lat Pulldown DPLS-F

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Body Solid Pro Dual Vertical Press/Lat Pulldown DPLS-F

Comes w/ a 200 lb Stack - 300 Available)

The Body-Solid Pro Dual Vertical Press and Lat Machine offers a space-saving no-cable-change design solution for your people to focus on their chest and upper body with additional emphasis on their triceps and shoulders.

Bio-mechanically designed for maximum chest concentration and outstanding muscle development, the versatile machine offers a single station footprint that delivers multiple functionality, including mid-row, shoulder press, lat pulldown and incline press. Multiple press handles provide users of all sizes with different grip angles to create variable exercises to concentrate on distinct areas of the chest and triceps.

DPLS : DGYM component (no stack)
DPLS-S : DGYM component with 200lb. stack
DPLS-F : Single station (no stack)
DPLS-SF : Single station with 200lb. stack

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