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Almost a complete gym in itself, featuring six, count ’em, six workout stations. This monster unites four of our finest pin select combo machines and integrates them with a cable crossover to provide a piece of equipment that you can build an entire gym around. Fully welded uprights and heavily bolted flanges provide an extremely robust frame. Moving parts are supplemented by aircraft-quality cable, high durometer pulley wheels and very smooth yet durable pillow block bearings with grease fittings. Ballet bar and an offset multi grip pull-up bar round out the highlights. Here’s a rundown of the six exercise stations:

Cable Crossover: For a variety of ground-based upper body exercises. Two 150-pound weight stacks.

Multi Press Combo: Chest press with a backrest that adjusts to 30°, 45° and 75°. The press arm features five starting positions and two sets of handles. 200-pound weight stack.

Leg Extension/Curl Combo: A quad and hammy burning station. 200-pound weight stack.

Lat Pulldown/Row Combo: Exchanging one snap link for another is all it takes to switch between two excellent back exercises. 200-pound weight stack.

Bicep/Tricep Combo: Smooth pulley action both above and below. 150-pound weight stack.

Multi Grip Pull-Up Bar: At least three different grip positions and a handy anchor point for bands/suspension systems. Weight stack: how much do you weigh?

All weight stacks can be upgraded by 50 or 100 pounds.

NOTE: The Cable Crossover and Bicep/Tricep Combo feature 2:1 reduction, meaning that any selected weight will feel lighter by half due to an additional pulley between the user and the weight stack. Additionally, the feet of all pin select machines now feature 3.5 x 3-inch bolt-down tabs for enhanced safety and stability. The dimensions stated here properly reflect this change, but the bolt-down tabs may not be pictured in the photos above.

We reserve the right to make running changes to products in cases where performance or production processes can be improved. This may result in slight physical differences that may not be reflected in the photographs found here.

Shipping Weight: 2284lbs.
Measurements: (LxWxH):158"X158"X91"

Frame & Upholstery Color Chart