What makes one Kettlebell better than the other?

What makes one Kettlebell better than the other?

You might know the Bible story that goes, In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth, all the plants and animals, he made Adam and Eve, and on the seventh day he rested, but what the bible does not tell you is that on that sixth day, he handed Adam and Eve the designs for the first Kettlebell. So on that six day, the perfect kettlebell was made, the “K2 Kettlebell”. 

The K2 Kettlebell was perfect in every way, shape, and form. The weight was accurate and well balanced, the handle perfectly formed with the right amount of grip. The devil tried to get Eve to leave a burr under the handle and Adam almost went along, but because they trained so hard with the K2 Kettlebell, they were able to stand strong, together as one and said, No!

Here was what was laid before Adam and Eve

  • You shall only use the best of materials, virgin iron ore only, not recycled iron
  • You shall only use a gravity fed cast to assure the cast is completely full without void, then tap the cast to eliminate any possible air pockets. The kettlebell shall be free of voids and blemishes
  • You shall finely grind off all casting lines, on the sides of the kettlebell, on the top of the kettlebell, and under the handle of the kettlebell, lest anyone's hand get torn up by a poorly manufactured kettlebell, then swing each kettlebell to assure perfection.
  • You shall machine the base of the kettlebell so that it is perfectly flat, then perform renegade rows to assure stability on solid ground.
  • You shall use a durable powder coating finish as so the the finish will last till rapture

After you have completed this perfect manifestation of a kettlebell you are to torture temptation from your minds by doing Kettlebell Swings, Kettlebell Snatches, and Turkish getups. 

If you continue to read your bible, you will see that Adam and Eve fell to temptation and were escorted out of the Garden of Eden, but again what you are not told is that the art of making the perfect kettlebell, the K2 Kettlebell was lost along with the location of the Garden. Then sometime in the Year of our lord, 2010, the design came to me in a dream and so the rebirth of the K2 Kettlebell, the Best Kettlebell ever to be manufactured. It is as if God designed it himself.

(if you are wondering where machines and molds came from, God provided them) 

K2 Kettlebells - The Best Kettlebell Ever!