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York Barbell Rubber Medicine Balls - 6 - 20 LBS

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York Barbell Rubber Medicine Balls - 6 - 20 LBS

Increase your speed, strength, coordination, conditioning, & more!

The medicine ball is one of boxing's oldest, most enduring, and invaluable pieces of equipment. It has been the secret to success for many champions, past and present. Medicine balls are more widely used today than ever before. Sport teams, Olympic athletes and rehabilitation centers are discovering the many benefits of exercises using medicine balls.

By using a medicine ball to create the necessary resistance for your exercises, you experience the entire range of motion resembling that of your sport. These sport-specific exercises are not only more efficient in developing the power you desire, but more interesting, more challenging, and more motivating. Our rubber medicine balls are great for both individual and group exercise training. Target, condition, and strengthen your core. They're also well-balanced and maintain their shape over time.

The YORK Medicine Ball is an incredibly durable tool for a full body workout. These attractive Color-coded medicine balls are perfect for a variety of movements including the Russian Twist, the Rock-and-Roll Up, and the Shoulder Press, as well as acting as a weight aid for squats and lunges.

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