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The first thing you need to know about this machine is that it isn’t really a glute/ham developer. It is a glute/ham/back developer.

The second thing you need to know about this machine is that it was designed by the inventor of the glute/ham/developer, Dr. Michael Yessis. To paraphrase an old action movie, he has forgotten more about physical conditioning that you and I will ever know. So, when the good doctor came to us with a design that is intended to be the most complete posterior chain developer on the market, we paid attention. And then we built it.

In creating the Yessis Glute/Ham/Back Machine, world-renowned biomechanist / kinesiologist and sport-specific training expert Dr. Michael Yessis applied several decades’ worth of expertise and insight. Features that separate this device from all others include:
  • Incredibly adjustable chassis that will accommodate youth, 7ft. basketball players and everything in between
  • Lower stand over height
  • Forward handles are angled downward to provide clearance for barbell work and to provide fatigued users with an easier dismount
  • Forward support feet are splayed outward for maximum stability and to provide clearance for hand weights
  • Welded rings on forward support feet provide attachment points for Active Cords to facilitate resistance training
  • Uniquely contoured thigh pad optimizes user positioning and the proper axis of hip/leg rotation
  • Greater range of motion allows more sport-specific exercises to stretch & strengthen the lower back and abdominal muscles
  • Lesser GHDs allow only 1 exercise, the Yessis machine provides the user with 12
  • Wheels allow for easy movement
  • Chrome plated adjustment surfaces
  • Separate guide rod located by a linear bearing eases footplate adjustment
  • Fully upholstered ankle/foot rollers
  • Durable wear guards on upper surfaces of forward support feet
  • Comes with instructional DVD and an exercise manual penned by Dr. Yessis himself
  • Provides total abdominal, low back and hip workouts

According to Dr. Yessis, most athletes under train their posterior chain and core muscles and don’t even know what a GHD is. For those that do, many don’t know how to properly execute the exercise. The instructional DVD and manual that is supplied with the 7006 makes certain that athletes walk away from this machine not only sore, but with a fresh understanding of what it takes to increase running speed, acceleration and jumping ability – along with a much healthier lower back and a stronger core.

Legend Fitness equipment is made to order. Because of this process, you can specify your personal choice of 16 different frame colors and 87 upholstery colors. All Legend equipment is shipped by Legend and we must obtain a shipping quote prior to ordering.
Please contact us for a shipping quote! Lead time is typically 8-12 weeks.

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