Yes4All Wall Ball (Vibrant, Blue Camo, Black) - Soft Medicine Ball/Wall Medicine Ball for Full Body Workout and Strength Exercise

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Yes4All Wall Ball (Vibrant, Blue Camo, Black) - Soft Medicine Ball/Wall Medicine Ball for Full Body Workout and Strength Exercise



  • PACKAGE INCLUDES 30LB WALL BALL & A TARGET STICKER: The ball has a standard 12. 75” diameter for a consistent feel across all weights. The free sticker included can be easily attached to any surface and once removed, do not leave marks on the wall
  • TEXTURED ANTI SLIP SURFACE: Durable textured synthetic leather shell makes it easier for you to get a firm grip on the ball. The high-density construction with iron sand and PP foam helps enhance the balance & firmness of the ball
  • HEAVY DUTY, DOUBLE STITCHED SEAMS: Soft cotton batting with crisscross tie laces for safe throwing and catching and securing the inner weight. The durable commercial-grade wall ball is built to last through rigorous workouts
  • DESIGNED FOR WALL BALL WORKOUTS: Unlike rubber slam balls that can handle a high-velocity impact against a hard surface, Yes4All Wall Ball should only be thrown at a wall to perform wall squats, wall throws, wall sit-ups & all sorts of exercises
  • IDEAL FOR CROSSFIT TRAINING: The wall ball exercise is a compound, high-intensity move that requires maximum effort from a large number of muscles in your body. Great for men & women to increase speed, accuracy, flexibility, strength & coordination

Product Description

Be yourself with Yes4All wall ball

Be energetic and have fun practicing with wall exercise balls in active colors. Both the outside look and inside quality have been designed for productive workout sessions. No matter who you are and what your current level is, this version of med ball – vibrant wall balls are excellent for developing balance, strength, coordination and core stability.

Countless drills for training

There are a wide range of wall exercises that you can practice with, including rotational throw, twist, squat, combination of Sit up and throw, you name it. Whatever the exercises you go with, your core and muscle groups will be enhanced in no time.

Balance and safe

Internal iron sands and PP cotton padded offer great balance and comfort while the double-stitches seams keep the sand from leaking. Besides, sturdy finger loops help you to have safe and firm grips on balls even with sweaty hands during intense workouts

Let’s grab a ball and start today!

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