Wright Bar 20kg Next Gen Bearing CERAKOTE - Olympic Bar

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Wright Bar 20kg Next Gen Bearing CERAKOTE

The Rebellion is upon us and now in COLOR. Why do you feel the need to settle for a bushing barbell? Be a Rebel!!! That’s how we feel at least. Because we are constantly setting the standard for innovation in the barbell market we felt like it was time to start the rebellion from the Bushing Barbells out there.

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Available Colors:

  • USMC Black/Red
  • Battleship Grey/Black
  • NRA Blue/Black
  • Hunter Orange/Black
  • Zombie Green/Black
  • Bright Purple/Black
  • Bazooka Green Black
  • Highland Green/Black
  • Navy Blue/Black
  • USA Red/Blue
  • Black Cherry/Black

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