Precor TRM 731i Interval Treadmill

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Precor TRM 731i Interval Treadmill

Save thousands on a pre-owned, just off lease Precor treadmill!!!

From Precor

The Precor TRM 731i Interval Treadmill offers users the ability to manage small-group interval training on treadmills.

This treadmill requires a dedicated 120V/20A circuit with a 5-20R NEMA receptacle to operate in a home.

Just off lease, the treadmills have been cleaned, serviced, tested, and work 100%.  We run a diagnostics test on the console for complete functionality, testing all the buttons, boards, motors, and battery as well as inspect the belts. They are in good to excellent condition and normally sell used for around $3500. New, they were $7500. Covered by a 30 day moving parts warranty.

Please be sure to select the correct delivery option for pick up or ship. Shipping is not free. It is calculated into the freight option. Shipping is a common curbside delivery. You will be responsible to get the unit inside your business or home. If you need another service, you need to call and see if it is available before you order.

After we receive your purchase, allow 5 - 7 business days for scheduling and servicing of the unit. These units are shipped partially or fully assembled.

Precor Console Comparison:

Precor TRM 731 Specifications:

Precor P30i Console Operators Guide

Precor Treadmill Life Motor Calibration Manual


Assembled for high-use on our commercial platform, this treadmill expenses nothing in longevity, making it a money-saving valuable venture. Features like the Active Status Light make it easy to maintain for any of your staff and decreases product downtime. At the same time, the TRM 731 delivers a consistent Precor feel and relief for your exercisers. The 730 Line LED console provides exercisers essential workout metrics for an effective fitness experience.