Legend Fitness SelectEDGE Eight Stack - Jungle Gym - 1138

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Legend Fitness SelectEDGE Eight Stack - Jungle Gym - 1138

Made in the USA with American Steel and Labor

  • Adjustable cable crossover, two seated rows, two lat pulldowns, two adjustable cable columns, and multi-grip pull up bars.
  • Dual-pulley seated row and lat pulldown stations.
  • Comes with two patent-protected MAG handles, four web grip handles, one split rope attachment, and one curl bar.
  • Partially hidden cables and sleek SelectEDGE styling.
  • Up to nine users can train at once.


The SelectEDGE Eight Stack is here! This multi-stack piece of equipment has room for up to nine users to train at once. It has two lat pulldown stations, two low row stations, an adjustable cable crossover, two outer adjustable cable columns, and multi-grip pull up bars in the center. One of the lat pulldown stations and one of the row stations are dual pulley, which gives users the ability to work both unilaterally and bilaterally.

The cable columns all have swiveling pulleys that smoothly adjust on chrome-plated columns. Put them at one of 23 height positions in three-inch increments (from 11 to 77 inches) for any type of work. Laser-cut numbering on the columns make equal height adjustments simple.

Bodyweight Workouts Included

The SelectEDGE Eight Stack is a powerhouse when it comes to selectorized exercises. Nonetheless, we opted to include some options for bodyweight work too. Three different pull-up grips, located in the center of the top crossmember, add a bodyweight workout station to the SelectEDGE Eight Stack. One side has wide grips for more lat involvement and close grips for more bicep and pec involvement. The other side has neutral grips for a variation on range of motion and engaged muscles.


Patented MAG handles come standard on one of the lat pulldowns and one of the low row stations. MAG handles offer unique grips that make gloves and wrist straps unnecessary, even at higher weight reps. The included web grip handles, split rope attachment, and curl bar can be used interchangeably and are sturdy enough to stand up to the toughest users.


The cable crossover and the outer adjustable cables all have 200-pound weight stacks in 10-pound increments, with 2:1 pulley reduction. The seated row and lat pulldown have 250-pound weight stacks in 10 pound increments. Weight stack upgrades are available for the cable columns (250-pound and 300 pound), the lat pulldown (300-pound), and the seated row (300-pound). Adder plates are available aftermarket only.

Built in the US like all other pieces in the Legend Fitness SelectEDGE line, the Eight Stack has partially hidden, heavy-duty cables and a sleek, modern design. It is available in any of our numerous powder coat colors, with two-tone upholstery standard.


  • Dimensions:  148.5 x 214 x 93.5 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 4377 lbs.
  • 2:1 Pulley's reduce effort by half (cable columns and crossover only)
  • Weight stack upgrades available
  • Mag handles standard

Standard Color Options: 

  • Burnt Orange
  • Mars Red
  • Rush Green
  • Patriot Blue
  • Purple Lilac
  • Storm Gray
  • Olympic White
  • Stone Gray

Frame & Upholstery Color Chart