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9235 CYB-750A-STD-JOL-PU


Combining elements of a climber, hiker, and skier, the Cybex 750A lower body Arc Trainer produces gym-quality results in any environment, helping you get fit more efficiently than ever before.

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750A Lower Body Arc Trainer Feature Highlights


Correct Arc of Motion The Arc is load dependent which means that resistance is scaled to the user's weight. Two exercisers, a man who weighs 230lbs and the other a woman who weighs 120lbs, both get the same workout when they enter the same program levels and their own weight. The perfect workout ... and only Cybex has it.
Reverse Arc Movement This is what makes the Arc an Arc. The unique Reverse Arc motion, a patented advanced stride technology, never places the user’s toe behind the knee (when the toe moves behind the knee significantly more stress is applied to the knee joint). The Reverse Arc Motion moves legs in a bio-mechanically correct pathway - reducing stress at the knee while offering a complete range of motion for both the knee and hip.
More Than Resistance Levels To be considered a true cross-trainer it must do more than change resistance; the CYBEX Arc Trainer provides another dimension with its 21 incline levels, which allows knee and hip angle to change as dramatically or as little as the user desires. Now you can choose elements of a climber, hiker, and skier to focus on your own specific needs, targeting the same areas in different ways to build muscle, burn calories or both.
Programs Basic Programs: Quick Start, Manual, Hills, Hill Interval, Interval 1:1, Interval 1:2, Pike’s Peak, Weight Loss, Cardio and Strength and Heart Rate Control. Programs have 10 levels and control both incline and resistance; Advanced Programs: Manual Constant Power, Adaptive Power Training.
Full Specifications Available in owners manual/brochure download above.