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2019 CFF-RM-2

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CFF Thug Mat - Rubber Gym Flooring

We call it "Thug Mat" because anything dropped on it just "thugs." With its sound deadening and absorption qualities, you will wonder why you ever used any other mat.

The Issues: Floor Damage, Excessive Noise & Mildew

If dropping weights wasn't destructive and noisy, we wouldn't have bumper plates and lifting platforms. For years, we've heard the complaints. We've also heard from athletes wanting flooring which absorbs more of the impact when working out to reduce wear and tear on their bodies. Moisture and mildew issues round out the most common issues with gym flooring.

CFF Thug Mat addresses all of the above! Step onto Thug Mat and feel the 2" thickness absorb the impact of your foot. It does the same for dropped weights. The bottom inch of the mat disperses impact forces and silences sound, with a special waffle pattern to allow the airflow necessary to prohibit mold and mildew.

This is the end of floor damage and dropped weights sounding like the ceiling is coming down with them.Thug Mat is extremely tough and can take a beating. But it's also extremely pliable. This is extremely helpful for those doing high impact workouts. The feeling is firm and supportive, yet forgiving, resulting in reduced stress on your joints.

NOTE: Weight must be dropped on the center of these mats, if weight is dropped on the edges or the corners, damage will occur. This will not be covered under warranty.
CFF recommends that a designated station/frame is made for each mat for protection when using singles by themselves.

Dimensions: 20in x 20in x 2in
Weight: 20lbs per tile

Thug mats are not eligible for any discounts or coupons.


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