CFF Pro Wrist Wraps - Heavy Duty Wrist Support

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CFF Pro Wrist Wraps - Heavy Duty Wrist Support

Red/Black or Pink/Black

CFF Elite Wrist Wraps are built to IPF Specifications, giving you the support the added support where and when you need it!

Durable, Super Heavy Duty Nylon Wrist wraps providing you the support heavy lifting demands, they are ideal for Olympic lifting, Power lifting, heavy bench presses, Kettlebell Snatch and Clean, etc. Use them as weightlifting wrist supports or kettlebell wrist guards.

  • Quick and easy on and off with thumb loop
  • Available in two colors, Pink/Black or Red/Black
  • Available in three sizes: 12, 18, and 24” long
  • Dimensions: Lengths Available: 12”, 18”,and 24” long; Width: 80mm (10 cm); Thickness: 3.5mm.
  • Warranty: 1 Year Warranty on manufacturers defects.
  • Hand Wash; Air Dry

IPF - International Power-lifting Federation Rules and Regulations:

Only wraps of one ply commercially woven elastic that is covered with polyester, cotton or a combination of either materials or medical crepe are permitted.

  1. Wrists wraps shall not exceed 1 meter in length and 8 cm in width. Any sleeves, and Velcro patches tabs for securing must be incorporated within the one meter length. A loop may be attached as an aid to securing. The loop shall not be over the thumb or fingers during the actual lift.
  2. Standard commercial sweat bands may be worn, not exceeding 12 cm in width. A combination of wrist wraps and sweat bands is not allowed.
  3. A wrist covering shall not extend beyond 10 cm above and 2 cm below the center of the wrist joint and shall not exceed a covering width of 12 cm”.

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