CFF Post landmine Trainer - Compact Core Training Workout

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CFF Post Landmine

  • Smooth movement allows for an optimal workout
  • Sturdy constructing means that it will hold up to the rigors of an intense workout
  • Can be used in any 2" Olympic plates
  • 360 degree range of motion
  • Will improve your lifting technique

CFF Post landmine Trainer - Compact Core Training Workout

Increase explosive power and range of motion with out the cost of a full size landmine trainer. The CFF post landmine is a compact, well built, heavy duty piece of equipment that can easily travel with you anywhere you go. Use it at home or the gym, all you need is an Olympic bar and some weights and you are ready to lift get stronger.

The fatter grip, ease of adding heavier weights (than dumbbells), and the ability to hit abnormal angles in standing and kneeling (and supine) positions makes the landmine a formidable training partner.

A great tool to train your whole body at once with explosive movements 360° range of motion. Can fit in and be used with any of the CFF Push/Pull sleds as well as any other companies sled with a 2” opening

All CFF FIT landmines are engineered to work with IWF Olympic bars. They're designed to reduce slop when the bar is installed into the sleeve. If you have a true, IWF bar with the 1.965in diameter sleeve, combine it with one of these and mix things up. You'll be glad you did.

  • Weight: 13 lbs(Rogue's 9lbs., Titan's 8 lbs, Yes4All 5.95 lbs., Cap's 6 lbs.)
  • Post: 5.25 long (133mm)
  • Solid steel w/5 Gauge Steel (3/16) extensions for bolting Bar
  • Barrel: 9mm (3/8) thick with 50mm inside diameter
  • Bar inset: 11.25
  • Capacity: 500 lbs
  • Overall Length - 17"