CFF Dual Olympic Bar & Bumper Plate Tree - Weight Storage rack w/wheels

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CFF Dual Olympic Bar & Bumper Plate Tree - Weight Storage rack w/locking wheels.

1000 lb. Capacity and it will still glide across the floor!

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  • HEAVY DUTY OLYMPIC BUMPER PLATE RACK – It is not about how much you say it can hold, but the quality & longevity of the plate storage rack. CFF’s Olympic Bar & Bumper Plate Storage Rack boast a capacity of up to 1000lbs. & still easily rolls across the floor, due to the high quality materials CFF manufactures with. 99% of similar plate trees manufactured by other companies weigh between 22 lbs. & 38 lbs.; CFF’s comes in at 66 lbs. shipped. What you’ll get from CFF is quality where it counts.
  • CORRECTLY SPACED PLATE HORNS – Each of the 6 – 10.5” plate horns (weight pegs) are proportionally spaced out so you can have the entire plate tree loaded with 45 lb. plates and still easily remove or add bumper weights without hitting the plates above or below, as well as not catch your fingers in-between the different levels of plates.
  • Commercially Rated – Built to withstand use in a commercial or residential gym. We guarantee the CFF FIT Bumper Plate Storage Tree with a 5 years warranty on the frame where most companies are only warranting the rack for 1 – 2 years. We care and stand behind what we manufacture and sell.
  • BAR STORAGE – With 2 two Olympic Bar storage spaces, neatly and safely store your Olympic bars off the floor. Each Olympic Bar Storage tube has a plastic sleeve to prevent your bars from rubbing up against steel, protecting your bars all the way around from getting scratch or having premature wear.
  • ROLLING BUMPER PLATE STORAGE RACK – Only the best! Where most companies try to find the cheapest wheels because they are only worried about costs, we care about the quality and longevity of our equipment. The CFF Olympic Bumper plate storage racks are manufacture with wheels that have a high weight capacity, high end urethane wheels, high end bearings in the wheel swivels so they do not fail under a heavy load. Also includes two sets of locking wheels to keep your rack in place.

Designed to handle 800lbs. + of mixed bumpers or 1000lbs. of steel plates on its 6 plate horns, the CFF Olympic bumper plate storage rack is up to the task. Heavy duty caster wheels make it easy to move this plate storage rack wherever it is most needed (or least in the way) and them lock in place. Unlike most companies, we invested in high quality urethane swivel wheels that glide easily, regardless of the weight on the rack; they are worth the added cost. 

Here's a nice little way to keep your workout area neat and tidy. Get those plates off the floor! Give your bar a break! Load up all those un-used plates on our 6-peg bumper plate storage rack.

Bumper Plate Specifications:

  • capacity: 1000 lbs.
  • finish: matte black powder coat
  • dimensions: 26" L x 26" W x 52" T
  • plate horns: 10.5" long
  • weight: 66 lbs

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