BodySolid Pro Dual Pec Dec & Rear Delt Machine - DPEC-SF

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BodySolid Pro Dual Pec Dec & Rear Delt Machine - DPEC-SF

Includes a 200 lb. Stack

Developing a lean, muscular chest is an integral part of every weight training routine, and sculpting a full, balanced chest requires a wide array of movements that target muscles from a variety of angles. Body-Solid's Pro Dual Pec & Delt Machine's dual overhead variable resistance cams allow each arm to operate independently, providing unilateral and bilateral chest, back and shoulder conditioning.

The Pro Dual Pec & Delt Machine features uniquely designed articulating pec arms to provide optimal; pectoral and rear deltoid development and has independent range of motion adjustments to accommodate users of all sizes. With gracefully curved frames constructed from sleek, power-coated tubing that exhibits a modern, design-forward aesthetic, the Pro Dual Pec & Delt Machine builds form into function and value into a superior modular strength training system.

Best of all, you can buy with confidence, because the Pro Dual Pec & Delt Machine is built to last a lifetime and is backed by the strongest warranty in the industry!

  • Independent arms with 5 adjustable starting positions enable users greater range of motion as well as both unilateral and bilateral arm movements.
  • Extra-long 360 degree rotating handles self adjust to the users path of motion for both pec and rear delt exercises.
  • Easy, 5-position gas-assisted seat adjustment puts users of any size in proper position.

DPEC : DGYM component (no stack)
DPEC-S : DGYM component with 200lb. stack
DPEC-F : Single station (no stack)
DPEC-SF : Single station with 200lb. stack

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