Precor Console Comparisons

Precor Console Comparison Chart

How does one console differ from the other? Which Precor Console is best suited for my needs? Do I want a console that has WiFi, Bluetooth, a TV, stream, or one that is as simplistic as possible. With so many Precor consoles available, we have brought them all together in one spot in order for you to compare them and find out which consoles have what features. The Chart below provides you a side by side comparison, making the decision on which console a lot easier.

Touch Console
Internet (Ethernet)
Toggle Switches
Preva Access
Virtual Courses
YouTube / Hulu / Netflix
USB charging port
Corded or Cordless
Pre Experience (V2, V3, V4) Experience p30 p80 p82
2005 to 2006 2007 to 2010 2010 to Current 2010 to 2016 2016 to Current
No No No Yes Yes
Optional Optional Optional Yes Yes
No No No Yes Yes
No No No No Yes
No No No No Yes
No No Yes Yes Yes
No No No Yes Yes
No No No Yes Yes
No No No No Yes
No No No No Yes
Cordless Cordless Cordless Corded Corded

P80 vs P82: The only difference is in the console itself, as the p82 is slightly newer. It has added features like WiFi, Blue Tooth, a USB charging port, it's faster, and has a slightly higher resolution screen.

Jack Trummer from Precor gives us an in depth look at the P80 Console. Nate & Tom talk about the future of commercial equipment and the shift to software and tablet based screens. We also discover the reason why Precor hates Quick Start! (note: filmed April 2013)



  • - ONLY apps available are: News Reader and a very very basic browser.
  • - You can not access Netflix etc. from the browser however you may be able to access some YouTube content from the browser (no app)
  • - Preva is available for this unit
  • - Coax + channel scan required for TV use
  • - There will be no future software updates the latest is version 7.2.3
  • P82

    • - apps available:
      • Basic Browser
      • iTV (Workout videos/virtual courses available)
    • - Bluetooth available
    • - Wireless WiFi
    • - Coax + channel scan required for TV use
    • - Preva is available for this unit and required to access/update features.
    • - Unit is android based so there may be future updates/features