Not all Olympic Bumper Plates are Created Equally

Not all Olympic Bumper Weights are Created Equally!!!

CFF FIT Solid Rubber Bumper Weights are not the cheapest, just one of the Best and will out last the competition by far!

Have you bought gym equipment like solid rubber bumper plates and thought you could not pass the opportunity up to get plates so cheap? At first you thought you received a great deal and the bumper plates were great, but then over the next year found were poorly made and did not hold up; they started to crack and fall apart.

When I first started this company, my goal was to crush other companies because I felt their prices were way to high and for some that was definitely true, but in my 15 years in business I learned a few things. Within my first 3 years of doing business, it became apparent to me that regardless of where you manufacture, may it be the US, China, Canada, or Mexico, you can not manufacture a well built product that lasts and be the cheapest around. It boils down to this, you work hard for your money, do not want to waste it on junk that you will have to rebuy in a year or two due to failure of the plate? 

So why are there so many different levels of pricing when it comes to a 10, 15, 25, 35, 45, or 55 bumper plate? The simple answer is you get what you pay for. Over the past 12 years, bumper plates have become more popular than ever and over that time, we have carried and sold thousands upon thousands of Olympic bumper plates from various manufactures. Unfortunately we have seen our share of failed, cracked plates or collars ready to pop out. Way, way more plates than there should have been failed, broke down, and were just poorly made. 

Through our trials of selling other manufactures we learned why the plates were failing and we wanted to manufacture a plate that would last 10 years, not one year. It was apparent that in order to make a plate cheaply, other manufacturers were skimping on the quality of materials they were using, amount of virgin rubber they used in the manufacturing process; their formula mixed was completely off, and not cleaning the molds after every plate.

At CFF FIT, we spent two years testing our bumpers plates. We wanted to design and manufacture a bumper plate that would last a homeowner a lifetime and a commercial gym owner 10 years. Once we nailed down the chemical formula of the rubber, we spent the rest of the time testing our plates. A typical test for a bumper plate is where a machine will lift and drop a  set of plates on a 45 lb. bar up to 20,000 times from a 6' ft. height. We wanted to see how far we could push the limits of the CFF FIT bumper plates, know they would stand up to the abuse a Crossfitter, Olympic lifter, or Power lifter would dish out. We built a machine that would drop our plates from a 9' ft. height and then dropped them 30,0000+ times non stop, 1 and 1/2 times more than other manufactures. Two years later, we introduced the CFF FIT Bumper plates and have yet to see one warranty issue.

So what did we learn, can we make cheaply priced equipment? Yes we can, but then that is exactly what it would be, junk, a waste of your money, and not something we want to be associated with. Instead we choose to go the quality route, make a plate that will last and the name on it stands for being one of the best. We want our customers to know that when they buy a CFF FIT Olympic bumper plate it will hold its value over time and will last forever.  

So how can you tell the difference between a quality plate and one that is sub par?

Signs to look for are:

  • Brand - First and foremost, any plate worth anything will be branded, not generic. A Olympic bumper plate that does not have a molded logo means they did not take the time to design and manufacture the plate themselves, they just bought any cheap plate they can find and sell it. It also means they do not care about the quality of the plate, just the cost of it. They only care about their dollar, not yours and were not willing to spend the money on the molds. This is also a way that poor quality plates cannot be tracked; there is not telling who made them when they are generic weights.
  • Price - You cannot make a quality plate that will last, it is just not mathematically possible and if someone says they have, they are lying.
  • Finish - the plate look either dried up and starting to chalk or have dull finish or is covered in a ton of oil to to cover the obvious.
  • Specifications - does the seller actually have the hardness specs as well as a well proven track record including reviews you can find online about there plates and not just a looks good, great price review? That kind of review is worthless 3 months down the road when they are already starting to breakdown.

Buy it once, buy it right the first time. CFF FIT Solid Rubber Olympic Bumper Plates are worth every penny.