Want to Save Up to 50% off or more on an Indoor Cycling Bikes

Want to Save Up to 50% off  or more on an Indoor Cycling Bikes

Want to buy one of the best group cycling bikes made like a Keiser M3i, Matrix IC7, Stages SC3, or Schwinn Carbon Blue Indoor Cycle, but just cannot afford the price of a new one or cannot justify the price of a new bike? Did you know you can save over 50% off the price of a new bike when you purchase a just off lease spin Bike or Indoor Cycle? Did you know that when you buy a commercial pre-owned indoor cycle, it will hold its value. That you could sell it in a year and get almost as much, possibly more than you paid for it. Try buying a new bike, and you will lose as much as 50% in value within the first few months, even if the bike was barely used.

Get the same workout as you do at the gym, but in the comfort of your own home. With over 15 years of selling, building, servicing, and remanufacturing Spin Bikes and Indoor Cycles, CFF FIT is one of the foremost experts on most brands on the market. We know what works, lasts, and holds it value, and what does not work. We are here to help answer your questions.

To start, you need to remember one thing, "you get what you pay for". You will not get a good indoor cycle for $300 used or new, especially one that is going to perform like what you are used to in the gym as well as hold up to the rigors of spinning. With that said, if you can find a reputable company that sells used or pre-owned indoor cycles or Spin bikes, you can save up to 50% off a pre-owned bike. 

In our many years of experience, these ARE the most reliable, well built bikes on the market that are leaps and bounds ahead of the competition in quality and technology. They will work with apps like Zwift, Wahoo, FulGaz, Trainer road, and the Peloton App., providing you a solid ride with the most accurate information. They hold there value better than any other indoor cycles on the market, have the least maintenance, a proven tract record to last, as well as there own apps.

All have a magnetic brake, are belt driven, have Bluetooth connectivity, all allow you to track and download your stats as well as show your progress over time, and are by far the most accurate power readings on the market in comparison to a road bike. 

Matrix / Life Fitness IC7

A new IC7 is $3600 , Pre-owned, between $1200 and $1800. This is one of my favorite indoor cycles on the market. It is the bike that feels the most like a road bike, super adjustable, and probably the quietest right next to the Keiser. This is due to its transmission and triple belt drive. If you are not using an online app, the train by color console by ICG is awesome. 

Keiser M3i

The M3 and M3i new  are $2400. You can get a Pre-owned bike between $750 and $1500 that should be in great condition. Keiser provides what you need to get the job done. It is the minimal list of the bunch, easiest to maintain, most compact, easiest to connect to Bluetooth, and calibrating is a breeze.

Stages SC3

New a Stages SC3 is $3375, but you can get a pre-owned, between $900 and $1800. What I like about the Stages is that the power meter is on the crank providing the most accurate power reading of the 4 bikes. The SC3 handle bar and seat post are also the most stable between the Keiser and AC Performance, and equal to the IC7. One thing that stands out is ease of locking into and out of the Stages SC3 look pedals.

Schwinn AC Performance Carbon Blue

The AC Performance Carbon Blue is $2798 new and between $900 and $1500 pre-owned. The Schwinn and Keiser have one of the longest track records. For years, the Carbon blue was the number one indoor cycle in the world. This is  probably my least favorite of the four indoor cycles, but there is no denying the reliability of the bike. It is extremely adjustable, typically includes the SPD look pedals, and the drive belt lasts forever. The one feature most people like about the Carbon Blue is the bike sounds and feels like a road bike. This is due to the metal in the drive belt. You do not get a perfectly smooth ride, but if you like the feel of the road bike, the Schwinn is for you.