It started with a man... Leo Wright.

A native of Birmingham and former high school and college athlete passionate about helping local athletes to achieve their utmost potential in physical fitness. Fast forward, more than three decades, Wright Equipment has gone above and beyond Mr. Wright's vision. Wright Equipment has become a leader in not only retailing but also the manufacturing of fitness equipment, right here in the state of Alabama.

Each year we outfit high schools, universities, hospitals, rehab centers, church fitness centers, commercial gyms, affiliates, military bases, police stations, firehouses, apartment complexes and hundreds of individuals with superior and affordable fitness equipment.

Wright Equipment guarantees quality by employing hardworking Americans that work ‘round the clock to design and produce the best fitness equipment in the country. Our equipment can be used for functional fitness, weight training, strength training, and conditioning.  Whether it’s crumb rubber bumper plates, barbells, fabricated racks, rigs, or even fitness apparel, with over 800+ products Wright has it!

Not only has Wright achieved success in manufacturing by achieving the highest quality standards, we have achieved a level of proficiency that allows us to eliminate many typical costs such as import and shipping charges, and pass those savings along to you, the customer. We strive to innovate while maintaining quality and affordability. 

We pride ourselves on doing everything the "wright" way from design to manufacturing, sales, and customer service. 

We're glad you're here!