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CFF Rubber Thug Mat - One of the best Gym Flooring Solutions to Deaden Sound in your Gym or home

CFF's newest rubber flooring is called Thug Mat because anything that drops on it just thugs. With it's Sound deadening and absorption qualities, you will wonder why you ever use any other mat.

For too long we have heard the complaints when people drop weights it damages their flooring or it is too loud. We have also heard the need of athletes wanting a flooring that will absorb more of the impact when working out rather than their body. Last we get questions about moisture and mildew.

With the NEW specially designed CFF Thug Mat, we have addressed all of these problems. Because of the 2” thickness of the CFF Thug Mat, when a weight is dropped on it, it absorbs the impact. Besides the thickness of the Thug Mat, an open waffle pattern design on the bottom of the mat is the last inch of the mat, dispersing the impact as well as sound. No more unwanted floor damage or weights dropping and sounding like the ceiling is coming down.

Though the mat is extremely tough and can take a beating, it is also extremely pliable. This is helpful for those who are doing a high impact workout. With the CFF Thug Mat, you will eliminate a lot of the unwanted stress on your joints.

Another benefit of the underside design is that it creates channels throughout your flooring in order to help your floor have a good flow of air; prohibiting mold and mildew.


  • Gym Flooring
  • Use as a Olympic Platform
  • Power lifting Commercial or Home Gym
  • Crossfit Gym
  • Strongman events


  • Dimensions: 20” x 20” x 2”
  • Color: Black Top / Black underside - Black on black is new for 2021, red is no longer available
  • Weight: 20 lbs each (sold in pairs only)
  • Material: Recycled Rubber
Weightlifting flooring Sound deadening mats workout gym Absorbs The Weights Impact Sound deadening weight lifting mats

Weightlifting Sound Deadening Mats

Stop ruining your Atlas stone, Kettlebell weight, or Olympic bars and bumper weights. Let Thug mats Absorb the energy so your weightlifting equipment does not have too. Thug mats will prevent premature wear of your gym equipment.

Gym Flooring for Olympic-lifting

Securely fits up against one another to make a solid surface and do not worry about that rubber smell as the mats have low VOC levels. Perfect for any commercial Gym or home.

Studies Show CFF FIT Thug Mats are the Number 1 Choice of Gym and Homeowners to keep things quite

Lift freely without worrying about your equipment or neighbors. Thug mats will easily take anything you throw at them; literally. Thug Mats are designed to absorb and disperse Kinetic Energy.

Why are they called Thug Mats?

Thug is all you will here when the weight drops. The unique egg carton shaped bottom allows the top of the mat to absorb the energy and disperse it between the groves in the lower part of the mat.

Experienced, Design, Quality, Knowledge

Since 2005, CFF FIT has been designing, manufacturing and selling quality commercial grade gym equipment, not only for the commercial gym, but for the home owner who wants a long lasting, sturdy piece of gym equipment or wants to build a home gym with more than just the cheapest piece of equipment you can find.

Your Safety and the Quality of CFF FIT Strength Equipment is Our First Priority

At CFF Strength Training Equipment, we never put costs before safety. When it comes to gym equipment, you are usually talking about something that can cause a serious injury if the equipment fails. Weight benches, dumbbells, squat racks, Olympic bars, kettlebells, your first thought should be safety, then quality, and last cost. Yes, cheap gym equipment sells faster, but in the long run, those companies only care about their bottom line, not your well being.

SAFETY & DESIGN - At CFF, your safety is first. We can proudly say that we over build all our equipment so you can worry about lifting and not the equipment failing. We find possible weak points in exercise equipment like the adjustable incline bench, pull push weighted sled, harnesses, or squat racks and reinforce those areas so they never fail on you.

QUALITY - If you want a well built, safe piece of exercise equipment that will last a lifetime, then we have you covered. CFF uses heavier gauge steel, denser cushions, more durable seat covering, better quality steel then our competition. This is one of the reasons you will find knock off equipment that looks like ours, but weighs two thirds or half of what our equipment weights.

TESTING - Along with higher quality materials, we are extremely involved in the manufacturing process and place an emphasis on quality control with our employees. CFF equipment is usually in testing for 1 - 2 years, depending on what it is, before we will even bring it to the market. This is one of the reasons that we have never had a claim on our bumper plates and the Keystone needle bearing Olympic bar. This is also why our equipment cost us more.

So if you are looking for the cheapest bench or kettlebell you can buy, then we cannot help you, but if you are looking for a safe well manufactured piece of gym equipment from a company that cares, then we are here for you.

You put in the effort, so why shouldn't your equipment live up to your needs.

Dimensions: 20in x 20in x 2in
Weight: 20lbs per tile

Thug mats are not eligible for any discounts or coupons.

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