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CFF Physio Ball - Dual Massage & Mobility Ball

Why suffer from muscle soreness or a knot in your muscle when all you need is the CFF Deep Tissue Massage Ball to eliminate pain & muscle knots in the trigger points? If you are competing in a physical event or just have general aches and pains, this little guy is your answer.

Designed to provide effective massage therapy for your whole body, this is a must-have tool. It stimulates nerve endings, activating pressure points to relieve tension, improve circulation, and relax muscles.

Physio Ball Features

  • Dual balls eliminate pain and muscle knots in trigger points.
  • Benefits the eyes, neck, shoulders, arms, back, glutes, legs, and feet.
  • Use against the wall or floor, in a chair or in bed. Try it in the car!
  • Helps correct posture! Simply place the ball behind you when seated.
  • Easily fits in purse or larger pockets.
  • Can be heated in an oven.
  • Can be chilled in the freezer.
  • Nubs all around to provide a deeper massage.
  • Assists in the release of acid built up in muscles.
  • One-piece design.

Massage Balls Therapy Tool Benefits

  • Use in a Chair for Neck, Back, Glutes, Thighs and Feet.
  • Use against the Wall for Back and Shoulders.
  • Use on a Bed or the Floor for Eyes, Neck, Shoulders, Back, Arms, Glutes, Legs and Feet.
  • Get one for the car. The jostling is great.
  • Made with Dual Balls for Better coverage on Trigger Points.
  • Easily fits in a Purse or large Pockets.

Dual Massage & Mobility Ball Specifications

  • Dimensions: 5" x 2.5"
  • Weight: 1.2 lbs

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