Founded in 1993, Iron Grip Barbell Company quickly rose to prominence through the introduction of a revolutionary new design for weight plates. At the 1993 IHRSA convention, Iron Grip launched the first and only weight plates with integrated hand-grips and a unique 12-sided design. This breakthrough became the company's signature product and represents the most significant improvement to the industry's oldest fitness equipment - the iron barbell and weight plate. The Iron Grip weight plate is manufactured exclusively in the USA by one of America's premier iron foundries, making it one of the few in its category to be manufactured domestically.

Iron Grip Olympic weight plates quickly became the first choice for premium facilities across the country and raised the standard for free weight products. Iron Grip Barbell Company grew rapidly by catering to the marketplace with a combination of innovative design and quality construction. With the further groundbreaking introductions of the unique Urethane line, the custom equipment program, and the Group Strength line, Iron Grip has reinforced its identity as a manufacturer at the forefront of equipment design.

With its strong intellectual property base and its many licenses, Iron Grip maintains its commitment to developing innovative new products. Iron Grip will continue to cement its identity as the leader in free weight equipment through the development of new products and product lines, and by adding licensees when the opportunity presents itself. This strategy has already resulted in Iron Grip Barbell Company becoming number one overall in both company size and brand recognition in the commercial free weight category.

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