Olympic Weightlifting Barbell - Wright Football Bar 82"

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Olympic Weightlifting Barbell - Wright Football Bar 82"

The Wright Football Bar is a multi-grip barbell that can be used for bench presses and shoulder presses. The bar offers multiple grip positions with the second from inside being at 45° angle. With the 52" distance between sleeves it can fit on most standard racks. These bars can be used with any collars!

This this bar you can explore a whole new set of workouts with different muscle focuses.  With the Wright Football Bar and these new lifts, you can increase strength and muscle. 


  • Brand : Wright Equipment
  • Use : Specialty Lifts (Bench Press), floor press, lockouts, shoulder press
  • Length : 82"
  • Weight : 55lbs
  • Distance Between Sleeves : 52"
  • Loadable Sleeve : 15" 
  • Coating : Nickel