Nautilus Abdominal Crunch Machine - Re-manufactured

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Nautilus Abdominal Crunch Machine - Re-manufactured

  • Patented moving axis of rotation technology automatically adjusts to the body's changing rotation for optimum positioning
  • Full-range exercise of rectus abdominis isolation
  • Positive stabilization of upper torso eliminates static involvement of lumbar erectors
  • Complex joint movements are duplicated through the use of a four-bar linkage mechanism providing greater motion control and a decrease in joint pressure


  • Height: 61"/155 cm
  • Length: 44"/112 cm
  • Width: 41"/104 cm
  • Machine Weight: 600 lbs/273 kg
  • Weight Stack: 250 lbs/113 kg

This item does not ship free!

If you need them shipped, you must call for a shipping quote. Due to the weight, shipping will run around $400 - $700. The total shipping weight is 650 lbs. and will ship on a 48" x 48" x 66".