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How did we get to using gym rings for WOD's? There's probably no way of knowing for sure, but maybe, once upon a time, someone was fiddling around with gymnastic rings, and thought, "Man. This is brutal. I've got the strength, but just don't have the control. This would make a wicked WOD. Ever since, as word has spread, more and more people are using rings - and not necessarily for gymnastics.

These wood gym rings aren't necessarily manufactured to meet International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) competition specifications. They're designed for cross and strength training. These wooden gym rings are a quality item. Strong & durable, yet lightweight & portable, they're rated to over 1000lbs each.

This is a complete, gym ring setup, too. You get our high quality, wood gym rings - in 1.1" (28mm) with our extra wide, numbered straps to hang them. Made from high tensile strength nylon, these straps are 18ft long and feature bright white numbering on 3" intervals, making setup a snap. Just slide the included cam buckles to the same marks and you should have perfectly level rings every time. Speaking of snapping, no need to worry about these straps or buckles. They're rated to over 1500lbs!

If you've got overhead support - a metal beam, wooden rafter, pull up bar or even a hefty tree branch - if you've got a set of these rings, you've got a serious workout at your fingertips. See for yourself!

For a 1.25" grip (thicker), check Pit Bull Olympic Wood Rings.  They're a more aggressive grip finish, if that's a concern. Click that link for a cool video!

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