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What's the most important thing to look for in a set of technique plates? Is it light weights allowing allow focus on technique? Is it standard sizing, for standard bars? Is it toughness to survive being dropped like true bumper plates? Or is it a price reflective of the importance of proper form?

Low weight, rubber bumper plates are skinny and not meant to be repeatedly dropped such as you might in technique training. Abused in this way, they crack and break in no time. These plates are up to the challenge. Consider them an investment in yourself just as you might any other piece of equipment, but also as an insurance policy for your more expensive bumper plates.

Our technique/training plates are all of the above. You can find prettier technique plates out there. And you can pay 4X the price for them, too. At the end of the day, these are recycled plastic plates designed to take a beating so you can focus on technique - be that for training or post-injury rehab. We've kept our plates simple and priced low. We want you to feel good about investing in your technique.

Finally, an affordable option in technique plates. Perfect for home and commercial gyms, CrossFit® boxes, or anywhere else 5 & 10lb bumpers are dying in their prime. Keep your 5 & 10lbers safe. Pick up some CFF Technique Plates. They'll last a lifetime.

Sold in pairs.

Keep the collars tight!

Note:When using technique plates, be sure to re-adjust your collars after every 5 or so drops. Technique plates are meant to be dropped on straight down. Slightly uneven drops are what damages your bumper plates. Technique plates can handle the abuse, but the lateral forces caused from the bar not landing perfectly flat can push the collars loose. Loose plates are not proper technique. If you are not adjusting your collars as you work out, they will move out causing the plates to drop on their sides at angles beyond what is covered by the warranty. Just keep an eye on them and you should be fine.


  • Olympic Plates
  • 10lb (red)
  • sold in pairs
  • 17 7/16" diameter, 
  • 1.5" thick (10lb)
  • 2" Inner diamter

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