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1875 CFF-FWH

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  • FARMER WALK HANDLES ARE FOR ANYONE LOOKING FOR A GREAT WORK: Not just for Strongman, farmer walks are one of the few strength training workouts you can do that train the all the muscles in your body all at once; from your shoulders, down to your chest, back, Triceps, Biceps, Forearms, Hand Grip, core, quads, hamstrings, and Calves.
  • ENDURANCE: Farmer carries are not just a strength training exercise; they are an incredible cardio vascular workout too. You will burn more calories with a farmers walk workout than you will with regular cardio. Why? Farmer walks are an intense exercise, they require the entire body to work, not just your grip.
  • INCREASE YOUR METABOLIC RATE EXPONENTIALLY: Farmer walk training demands repetitive effort, therefore increasing your metabolic rate. So much so that it can increase your metabolic rate for more than two days. That is a whole lot of calories burned.
  • QUALITY MATTERS: Unlike most companies, at CFF Strength Training Equipment, we are not just trying to sell as much junk as possible, the quality of our equipment matters to us. This is why you will find a ton of cheap farmer walk handles that only weigh 15 – 25 lbs. and either bend or completely fail. CFF Famer Walk handles come in at a solid 82 lbs. shipped with chrome collars, more than doubling the weight of most other brands.
  • COMMERCIAL OR RESIDENTAL USE: The sleeves are 15 3/8” long and have a loadable space of 13 ¾” for a total of 18 – 45 lb., 1.5” thick plates on each handle. Whether you are a commercial gym or residential gym, the range of weight you can add on makes these the optimal choice for any gym. Total weight capacity, 1500 lbs.
  • What is the Farmer's Walk?

    Anyone who has worked, lived, or spent any considerable time in a farming environment knows it is very physical work. Even with innovative technologies, manual labor has been and is still very much a part of the job. Carrying heavy bucket-loads of water and feed for the animals can actually provide for a good workout.

    The great thing is you don't have to live on a farm to get the benefits of this fantastic exercise. When it gets down to it, the farmer's walk is really just walking around carrying very heavy weights in each hand. Load up before dawn and feed the animal - the animal within! Carrying weight like this is great for grip, balance, and overall strength & conditioning.

    Overall length: 60"
    Horn length: 12" (each end)
    Grip diameter: 29.5mm
    Weight: 38lbs (each)
    Finish: Chrome
    Capacity: 350 lbs (each)

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