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1888 CFF-GO-R-002.5

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CFF Rubber Coated 4-Grip Olympic Plates

Finally, plates accurate and true to their stated weights - CFF's 4-Grip Olympic Weight Plates!

CFF 4-Grip Olympic weight plates carry the patented 4-slot grip design (in conjunction with Iron Grip). Along with being within 2% tolerance of stated weight, CFF Olympic weightlifting plates feature stainless steel inserts and are coated with 100% virgin rubber.

Perfect for any gym - home or commercial - these plates' four slotted grips make them easy to pick up off the floor or rack. Other uses include farmer's walk, speed/strength conditioning, as an alternative to kettlebells, dumbbells, etc.. Your imagination is the only limit to the wide variety of uses possible with these grip plates.

Color: black w/ red logo
Please note the 2.5 and 5lb plates do not have slots and the 10s only have 2 slots.

Available in: 2.5, 5, 10, 25, 35, & 45lbs (sold in pairs) - or in sets

Olympic Grip Plate Features

  • There is no mistake when identifying a CFF Olympic plate with “Oly”™, our Olympic Lifting Guy Logo.
  • rubber coated with easy to read sizes
  • machined tolerance: +/-2%
  • patented 4-slot grip design (In conjunction with Iron Grip)
  • Steel collar for easy on and off. No more messing up the rubber on your plates, leaving rubber residue on your bars. A perfect fit every time.
  • CFF's 4-slotted rubber grip Olympic plates are cast from the highest quality gray iron, creating an exceptionally strong and durable product. 
  • Guaranteed for 5 years against breakage to the original owner.
set total pairs in set   included in set
255lbs 7   2x 2.5, 4x 5, 2x 10, 2x 25, 2x 35, 2x45lb plates
345lbs 8   2x 2.5, 4x 5, 2x 10, 2x 25, 2x 35, 4x45lb plates
355lbs 8   2x 2.5, 2x 5, 4x 10, 2x 25, 2x 35, 4x45lb plates
455lbs 10   2x 2.5, 4x 5, 4x 10, 2x 25, 2x 35, 6x45lb plates

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