CFF Pro Series Pull Up Rig - 2" x 4"; 8' - 15' Tall

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7632 CFF-RIG05-4W/M

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CFF Pro Series Pull Up Rig - 2" x 4"; 8' - 15' Tall

Customizable to fit your needs (J-Hooks Included)

The CFF Pro Series “Monster” Rig was built for someone who wants to save on buying one piece at a time and just get it all in one. This is the end-all of pull up rigs!!! From its patent pending explosion arms and patent pending GHD attachment, to its 9 gauge, 2” x 4” rectangular uprights, to its adjustable Olympic lifting technique trays, the Monster rig will wow you.

The holes are spaced every 1.5” from the bottom of the rig to the top, and with its grips, flying pull up bars, plyo-metric platforms, and 1200lb capacity, if you cannot get a complete workout, then may should not be working out!

Designed around safety to the point of redundancy, but you, our customers are our number one priority and that's why we came up with the cross pin and peg system. We were surprised no one ever thought to do it before. The cross pin and peg system is a fail-safe pinning system for your J-hooks, spotter arms, dip handles, explosion arms, platforms, and monkey bar system.

For example, the spotter arm is built with three, 3/4” pegs welded on the arm that go through the holes of the front of the rack. Then a series of two monster 3/4” thick steel pins go through the sides of the spotter arms, cross locking the arm in place. This unique system is why we can assure you, when you are lifting, that we are there to spot you and will not let you down. It is also part of why we can boast such a high weight capacity of 1200 pounds.

To complement this pinning system, we have also included spotter straps that can handle a weight of 20,000lbs. We made the straps so heavy because we understand that though it is a whopping 20,000lbs, it is a static weight and not force. So we want to be sure that if you had 1500lbs of force, the straps would easily handle the drop. Again, safety straps are not spotter arms by any means, but an emergency catch. It is there to assure you will be safe if you are working out by yourself.

So whether you are cross-training, conditioning for MMA or boxing, doing P90X, body building, Olympic lifting, or power lifting, the CFF Pro Series “Monster Rig” can handle it and do so with ease. We are so confident in the Pro Series “Monster Rig”, that it is backed by a Lifetime Warranty!

Monster Pull Up Rig Features:

Explosion Arms: Forget using a bar or dumbbells, you can now so it all with a set of explosion arms. Bench, Squat, dead-lift, push press, etc.. The CFF Explosion arms can rotate 360 degrees and can be used with bands or Olympic weights. Get ready because you will feel the squeeze!

Plyometric Platform: With the adjustable plyometric platform, you can set the platform as low as 12” high and raise all the way on up to 72” plus high. The platform also was made with your safety in mind and so with that said, we used a tacky rubber for the top of the platform so to help you or your client avoid slipping. And like everything else on the rig, the platform was made to handle weight. It boosts an 800lb step up capacity and 450lb jump capacity.

Glute Ham Developer: The CFF Glute Ham Developer attachment is also patent pending. Used for the Pro Series “Monster Rig”, it was designed to force proper technique and eliminate cheating when preforming a glute ham raise. What we have found is that most coaches will teach three ways to do a glute ham raise. The first way allows you to cheat quite a bit, the second less cheating, but none the less, cheating, and then finally a strict glute ham raise. This is one of the worst things a coach/trainer can do to you. Usually, it is what you first learn that sticks with you. So instead of them teaching you proper technique and about the value, of the negative motion of the exercise, they just want you to jump into doing the full range of motion. To us, this type of teaching is more about the coach’s ego and why people get hurt. This is why, no matter what you are being taught, the CFF rig is also going to help assist you in teaching proper technique. Along with proper technique, the GHD was built to elevate placing all the pressure on your knees and instead, distributing your weight throughout your knee, tibia, and ankle. Other uses of the glute ham developer  are Hyper extensions, roman chair sit-ups, and reverse hyper extensions, and leg raises. 

Wall Ball Target: The wall ball target is adjustable in height by four feet. It also can be adjusted like the rigs uprights in 1.5” increments and has a 24” diameter target bull’s eye.

Power Cage: Built into the center of the 6' deep rig, we have added 2” x 4”, 9 gauge spotter arms that triple pin and peg into the uprights, creating a power cage within your rig. We have also added adjustable band peg holes and pegs to compliment any squat, Olympic movement, or bench. Also with the inner spotter arms, we have two sets of 20,000lb capacity spotter straps; creating two more power cages with in the rig, for a total of three more stations. When the spotter straps are not in use in side the rig, they can be removed and used as spotter straps, hooking to a bar, at any other station on the rig. Straps should be regularly inspected for wear & tear.

Technique Trays: No more breaking wooden Olympic lifting technique boxes. With the CFF patent pending technique trays, you will never again want to use a wooden box. The technique trays can be set as low as 12” and adjusts  in 1.5” increments, up to 72”. Typically technique trays will take a beating and that is why they were made to handle over 1000lbs of weight. In addition, to eliminate some of the pounding they would receive, we placed 2.5” thick rubber feet on the bottom of the tray posts to absorb impact, but not add bounce to the trays. Instead of a traditional technique box receiving all the force of the weight coming down, the technique trays disperse the energy throughout the rig.

Angled Flying pull up bar (optional - Not included): The angled flying was designed for multiple reasons. One was it would not only raise the height of the pull up bar 8”, but it would also place it 14.5” out further. This enables a 24' rig to easily accommodate 26' people without feeling like they are going knock into one another on the corners or at the rigs cross-members. Building a flying angled pull up bar also takes the bottom cross-member or bar away from you when preforming a kip or muscle up, reducing chance of injury, by swinging into the lower bar.

Monkey Bars: One of the most common complaints we have heard with monkey bars is the fact that you cannot adjust the height unless you unbolt a cross member and lower the cross member down. So to eliminate this, you can not only place the monkey bars at the top of the rig, but we have designed lower cross-members so you can lower the monkey bars by just pulling a few pins; no tools involved. Another reason for the lower adjustable height was, we wanted the rig to be kid friendly. Now, regardless of the youths height, you can set the monkey bars up to use for programs like Kids Crossfit™.

Grip Training: Too complete the rig, we add a number of grip training tools. Much too often, grip is overlooked. Grip should be one of your main focuses as you need it for dead-lifting, pull-ups, farmer walks, etc. So to build a stronger grip, we have added grip balls, pinch grips, and post grips to do exercise like pull ups & hangs.

What's included:

Rig Size:

10' - 6 - Uprights • 2 - 44" Straight Pull Up Bars • 2 - 72" Straight Cross Bars • 2 - 72" Straight Cross Bars • 1 - Center Cross-members/Pull up Bar • 4 - J-Hooks •

14' - 8 - Uprights • 4 - 44" Straight Pull Up Bars • 2 - 72" Straight Cross Bars • 2 - 72" Straight Cross Bars • 2 - Center Cross-members/Pull up Bar • 4 - J-Hooks •

20' - 10 - Uprights • 4 - 44" Straight Pull Up Bars • 4 - 72" Straight Cross Bars • 2 - 72" Straight Cross Bars • 3 - Center Cross-members/Pull up Bar • 8 - J-Hooks •

24' - 12 - Uprights • 6 - 44" Straight Pull Up Bars • 4 - 72" Straight Cross Bars • 2 - 72" Straight Cross Bars • 4 - Center Cross-members/Pull up Bar • 8 - J-Hooks •

30' - 14 - Uprights • 6 - 44" Straight Pull Up Bars • 6 - 72" Straight Cross Bars • 2 - 72" Straight Cross Bars • 5 - Center Cross-members/Pull up Bar • 12 - J-Hooks •

34' - 16 - Uprights • 8 - 44" Straight Pull Up Bars • 6 - 72" Straight Cross Bars • 2 - 72" Straight Cross Bars • 6 - Center Cross-members/Pull up Bar • 12 - J-Hooks •

40' - 18 - Uprights • 8 - 44" Straight Pull Up Bars • 8 - 72" Straight Cross Bars • 2 - 72" Straight Cross Bars • 7 - Center Cross-members/Pull up Bar • 16 - J-Hooks •

44' - 20 - Uprights • 10 - 44" Straight Pull Up Bars • 8 - 72" Straight Cross Bars • 2 - 72" Straight Cross Bars • 8 - Center Cross-members/Pull up Bar • 16 - J-Hooks •

50' - 22 - Uprights • 10 - 44" Straight Pull Up Bars • 10 - 72" Straight Cross Bars • 2 - 72" Straight Cross Bars • 9 - Center Cross-members/Pull up Bar • 20 - J-Hooks •

Available Options:

  • Extra
  • Uprights
  • Short Angled Pull Bars
  • Long Angled Pull Bars
  • Side Angled Pull Bars
  • Center Cross-members/Pull up Bar
  • J-Hooks
  • Spotter arms
  • Dip Handles
  • GHD setups with platforms and pads
  • Sets of Explosion Arms
  • 24” Wall Ball Targets and Heavy Duty adjustable brackets
  • Monster spotter straps and module attachments
  • Monster Spotter Bars for Power Cage
  • Technique Trays and Upright adjustment columns
  • Grip Balls
  • Pinch Grips
  • Post Grips
  • Band Pegs
  • Pro Series Adjustable Bench (Optional)
  • Flat Bench (Optional)


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