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7586 CFF-LP

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Engage more muscle fibers with every press! The State of the Art design of the CFF Super Leg Press has the highest capacity, longest range of travel than any other leg press today, and incorporates resistance bands to give you that extra push. The ergonomics and bio-mechanics promote muscle growth, power, safety, durability, capacity, smooth motion, & comfort. Places your body in the correct position every time mean less time spent on recovering from an injury and more time growing. If you want to build explosive, powerful quads, you need not look any further. This IS the only leg press that bolts together, yet acts like if it were completely welded.

Muscle & Fitness

“Good Press

Because hip ROM is less for the Leg Press than it is for the squat, hamstring and glute contribution is greatly reduced. Also limited are hip adductor (inner thigh) recruitment and stabilizer muscle involvement, the latter due to the upper-body support provided by the leg press seat. But don't dismiss the leg press as inferior and discard it from your routine—its one redeeming factor is superior quad development.

With the reduced hamstring, glute, adductor and stabilizer involvement you get when you perform the press, a greater percentage of the load is lifted by the quads. The leg press specializes in more direct targeting of the quad muscles and allows you to really hit 'em hard by over-loading them with a tremendous amount of weight. As great as the squat is, it just can't blast specifically the quads quite like the leg press can.

Leg Press Features:

  • Built with a heavy 7 gauge frame; 2” x 4” steel
  • Over-sized Curved Foot plate 32” x 25” promotes form, hip alignment, and variety of foot placements to hit different angles of the muscle. Carriage starts out at 150 lb. (unloaded) on linear bearings.
  • 2700 lb. Capacity – 6 loadable plate horns, fitting a total of 58 – 45 lb. Olympic Plates (standard 1.5” thick plate). Loading is easy with a set of load bearing plate horns under, on top, and on the side of the carriage. Removing the side plate reduces the amount of operating space needed
  • Longest ROM (range of motion) meaning it does not matter if you are 4’9” tall or 7’ tall, you will feel it was built to suit you.
  • 4 - Over-sized, heavy duty Pillow block linear bearings float on 2 - Solid 1.5” in diameter Stainless Steel guide rods
  • 10 Position quick adjust back pad
  • Seat goes completely vertical creating the only TRUE Leg press to Super Squat / Hack Squat without losing ROM in one position or the other, engaging more muscle fibers in turn, more muscle growth.
  • Split Back pad helps eliminate spinal pressure
  • Head support relieves stress on the neck
  • 8 point adjustable height shoulder & head pads support relieve stress on the neck. Pads slide on linear bearings for smooth & quick adjustments
  • Dual comfort hands at the frame of the seat pad as well as the shoulder pads
  • 1/4 moon calf black at the bottom of the foot plate
  • Dual Safety Spotter pins with 4 points of adjustment
  • 3 Starting points accommodates users of all sizes
  • Over-sized carriage handles makes unlocking & locking out the carriage a cinch
  • Handle to assist entry and exit of the leg press.
  • Band peg attachments. Allows you to add or subtract weight at the top or the bottom of the movement
  • 4 Plate horns mounted on the frame eliminates the need for separate plate storage stands.
  • State of the art design
  • Premium upholstery
  • CFF Silver Electrostatic powder coating & baked finish
  • Rubber Feet to protect the floor
  • Bolt together design means installation is not a problem. No need for a special door width. Only bolt together leg press that is able to stand up to a fully welded leg press and surpass it.
  • Overall Dimensions: 9.5’L x 3’W x 70.5”H (68”W with plate horns)
  • Machine Weight - 990 lbs
  • Shipped Weight - 1050 lbs.
  • CFF Lifetime Warranty: Lifetime – Frame (does not include the coating), 5 years on bearings, bushings, guide rods, & pins; 90 day upholstery.
  • Assembly required

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