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Want a mind blowing hand grip and forearm strength? If you said yes, you need to start training with the Pit Bull Monster 4.25" Cannon Ball Gripper. This is your next step to strengthen your grip and holding power, crush your forearms and get the grip hold of a Pit Bull.

CFF Cannonball grip trainers are the perfect hand, wrist, & forearm strength training tool. Pit Bull Cannonball grips are were built for performing hanging pull ups, dead lifts, farmer walks, strengthening your grip for parkour, rock climbing holds, or to become the next American Ninja Warrior.

Crush grip is the grip between your fingers and palm. Pinch grip is the grip between your fingers and thumbs. Cannonball grips are a great way to focus on both with one tool. The 4.25-inch diameter, cast iron balls do not yield. Your personal experience with these will be unique, just as every hand is unique.

The possibilities are endless. Hang from them. Try pull ups. Hang weight from them and perform holds or farmer walks. If you want a crushing grip, you need to be training with Monster Cannonball Grips.

  • EXPAND YOUR ABILITIES – Strengthening your crush grip and pinch grip is great for rock climbing, weightlifting, and more. These are important assets for American Ninjas, Parkour, Strongmen, and Power Lifters. Even if you’re not competitive or performing in events, you can still be just as strong as those guys or stronger with these cannonball grips.
  • MAXIMUM POSSIBILITIES – If you’re looking for a tool in your gym that can achieve different workouts all in one, you need this grip set. You can hang from them, do pull ups, or hand weight from them and perform holds or farmer walks. You get all kinds of possibilities with these grips, but they all lead to the same result of increasing your strength, ability, and endurance.
  • INTENSE DURABILITY – The cannonballs hold a lot of weight. You can pull, hang, and hold a lot of weight from them. They’re attached with a monster, hardened steel carabiner and 1000 lb. (static weight) capacity straps so you don’t have to worry about hitting the ground before you intended. Invest in the kinds of workout tools that will allow you to get continuous performance results and build your strength over time.
  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS – Package contains (1) CFF Monster Cannonball Grip, (1) Monster carabiner, & (1) Strap. Cannonball measures 4.25” in diameter and weighs 10.75 lbs.  Black.

Always inspect rigging before using. You should always use a crash pad when performing any sort of suspension training.