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Built to be affordable, yet heavy duty enough, CFF Gen 2 squat stands are ready to handle up to 750lbs, with 400lb static weight bar catches. Adjustable to fit most user's heights, the 20" x 20" H-frame bases allow a stable stance for confident squats. They also make for a nice bench press setup. Just slide your bench between them and you're good to go.

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Why buy squat stands?

Ask anyone familiar with compound movements or weightlifting equipment which they prefer, nine out of 10 will probably tell you the power rack or cage is ideal for being more stable and, therefore, safer. So why are there so many squat stand options out there?

Squat stands cost less than racks & cages.

For starters, squat stands are more affordable. Our own Pro Series Base Power Rack, for example, typically retails for about 50% more than our top of the line Pro Series Elite squat stands. The additional materials and complexity which make full squat racks more stable also make them more expensive.

Squat stands require less space than racks & cages.

Even half cages are basically large metal boxes. Their size limits where they can be placed and how they can be moved. This is fine if you’re building a dedicated space where the big stuff will never need moved. If, however, your equipment has to be mobile to fit around the rest of your life, squat stands offer you significant advantages over the big rack. Tuck them away in a closet or break them down and store under the bed if you like. Their smaller size offers big convenience.

Squat stands handle considerable weight.

Safety comes first. We always recommend working with a spotter. That said, our squat stands are rated to handle respectable weight limits. Our Gen 2 Squat Stands are built from durable, 9-gauge box steel and heavy duty hardware rated to 750lbs. At about 375lbs, you really want to weight the stands down, typically with sandbags, to maximize stability, but they’ll handle it.

Our Heavy Duty squat stands are rated to 1,000lbs, and our Pro Series Elite squat stands are rated to 1,200lbs. Again, depending on how much weight you’re pushing and how hard you like to push yourself during your workouts, a power rack might be a better idea, but there’s a reason you’re shopping squat stands over squat racks today, so we’ll leave it at that.

Squat stands are used for more than just squatting.

Slide a flat bench or adjustable bench between them and you’ve got a great bench press setup. You can also use your squat stands for hang cleans and snatches, calf raises, shrugs/pulls, and (unloaded) bar storage, as well as the front and back squats implied by the name.

Gen 2 Squat Stand Specifications

  • base: 20" x 20"
  • upright posts (range): 36-73"
  • 5" back plate catch
  • 2.5" mouth opening for bar support
  • max load (per stand): 750lb / 340kg (375lb / 170kg)
  • adjustable safety spotters on each post - 7
  • Rack Adjustments - 15
  • max load (spotter arms, static): 400lb / 181kg
  • frame: 9 gauge steel, bolt together construction
  • finish: durable, white powder coat
  • heavy duty pop & slide pins for adjustment


CFF recommends weighting the stands with sandbags when squatting greater then 400 lbs. For safety, you should always have a spotter.

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