Cap Barbell Mega Hex Bar (OB-91HZ)

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956 CAP-OB-91HZ

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Cap Barbell Mega Hex Bar (OB-91HZ)

Plenty of discussion out there around when and why to use (or not use) hex bars like this. The simple truth is this: weightlifting is meant to make us stronger - not permanently injure us. Standing inside the hex bar aligns the weight and spine, reducing stress on the back, making for safer lifting. Hex bars offer variation to dead-lifts and squats. Lift more weight than you might dead-lift with a straight bar. Transition from lift into jump for some plyo power building.

CAP Barbell's 56" zinc plated hex bar OB-91HZ is built for the biggest and strongest lifters. Combining the handle placement of the High Hex and regular Hex bars, simply flip over to change starting position.

Accepts 2" plates. Collars not included.

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