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The benefit of using a hex bar for squats, dead-lifts, farmer walks, or Olympic movements is reduced stress on your spine & lower back due to the weight being centered, unlike with a standard Olympic barbell. When designing the Monster Hex Bar, our focuses were form, safety, utility in multiple positions with multiple grip options, total ultimate weight capacity, and quality construction.

The result, a state of the art beast that will push you to your limits. With a starting weight of 125 lbs & max capacity of 1500 lbs, the Monster Hex Bar is in a league of its own.Whether you are an Olympic lifter, power-lifter, Crossfitter, or strongman competitor, the Monster Hex Bar is a must have wherever you train.

The Monster Hex Bar has three different sets of handles, offering superior utility over the typical hex bar. Standing inside the 30"W x 27"D perimeter, you'll find plenty of room. That's freedom of movement without feeling like you legs or knees will hit the bar, regardless of size. The wide frame also allows for racking inside a power rack or on a half rack with long spotter arms.

How do all those handles work?

  • The inside handles are 1.25" diameter & 32" apart, center to center. Perfect for squats, sumo squats, dead-lifts, & lunges.
  • The Outer handles are 1.25" diameter & 39" apart, center to center. Get ready to really work on the bottom end of Olympic lifting movements. With your arms spread out and your hands running in the same direction as your feet, you are forced to drop your center of gravity, putting you in perfect form to work on your dead-lifts and Olympic lifts. Training with the Monster Hex Bar, you will see remarkable improvement in your form, as well as strength when you go back to lifting a traditional Olympic bar.
  • Step into the bar lengthwise, with the plate horns in front of and behind you, and you now have 2" fat grips at your disposal. This is the perfect training tool for grip work, farmer walks, & lunges.
  • The 4 bull rings also give you the option to use the Monster Hex Bar with a harness, attaching the harness at the 4 points of the bar.
  • Requires - chrome collars or Lock-Jaw Oly 2 Collars. Spring collars and Muscle Clamps will not work on this bar.


See? We told you it was versatile! The CFF Monster Hex Squat & Dead-lift Training Bar is second to none. We even back it with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

Hex Bar Specifications

  • 2 x 3 steel construction
  • black powder coated finish
  • 125 lbs
  • 1500 lb capacity
  • 3 sets of knurled handles, 1.25" & 2" diameter
  • 4 bull rings (for attaching harness)
  • multiple grips for Olympic and power lifting movements
  • 14" of load space per sleeve
  • removable plate horns
  • 77" x 30"
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty (See Details)

Shipped Dimensions:

  • 50" x 32" x 11" (LxWxH)
  • 138 lbs (shipped weight)

Sports Consumer Review (Pete, )

"This hex bar really is in a league of its own. If you’re really serious about weightlifting and haven’t been able to find something that can handle the sheer amount of weight you need, the CFF Monster Hex Squat & Deadlift Training Bar is one you have to check out.

It’s a little on the expensive side, but it does come with a lifetime warranty. This should be the only hex bar you’ll ever need to buy."

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