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Want to build strength and ripped hamstrings but you do not have the space for a glute ham developer? Look no further, CFF's floor ghd pad uses the same state of the art design as the CFF Pro series Floor Glute Ham Developer, easily stores in a small space, and is gentle on your budget. Use it at or home, take it to the gym, visit clients you are training, its that easily transported making easy to take with you where you need it.

Do not let cost prevent you from having a glute ham developer that forces proper movement and control. Pick up a CFF Floor Glute Ham Pad, hook you heels under a bench or rack, and start training. You will prevent injury to the hamstrings, increase the weight you dead lift or Olympic lift, and achieve deep striations, giving you an edge over the next guy.

CFF's state of the art design of the floor GHD  Pad helps you achieve your goals without the risk of falling or knee pain from the full weight of your body. Its unique 2-level pad takes all the pressure off your knees, unlike with a conventional GHD. Pressure is redistributed to your calves and ankles, allowing you to focus on the movement itself. The unique design of the pad also prohibits cheating by keeping your shins down, eliminating rocking up and down, forcing your hamstrings to do the work and not momentum.

Being on the floor, you can focus more on the exercise (less on falling). Second, if you're not quite up to a glute ham raise, you can bounce back up from the bottom of the movement with a push up, focusing only on the negative; where you receive the most benefit out of any exercise. We wouldn't call that cheating, we call, doing it right, but if you would, you can use resistance bands on a bench or rack behind you to assist in coming back up.

  • little to no pressure on the patella (knee)
  • forces a strict rep (eliminates cheating)
  • ready out of the box. No set-up
  • can be used with strength bands
  • firm, supportive padding
  • 500lb weight capacity
  • commercial grade pad cover
  • Pad only. Rack attachment with good roller is optional, not included

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