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8309 CFF-SDH-1-38MM

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With a 38mm grip and perfect knurling, the CFF Pro Style dumbbell handles are in a class of their own. You will not find a handle that feels better in your hand. There is virtually no rise on these handles, offering more usable space for a variety of grip styles.

Knurling is an art. It is either right or wrong. The perfect knurling should grip your hands like a 80- or 100-grit sand paper without cutting your hands up. This is how we designed the knurling on these handles not too smooth, not too rough, perfect.

Quick features:

  • Thick 38mm grip will help build a stronger grip
  • Distributes weight evenly in you palm over other dumbbell handles. 
  • Extremely well balanced
  • 1% weight tolerance between handles
  • Perfect knurling, second to none
  • Designed to work with most standard (1") steel plates (thickness .725" - .850")
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Sold in pairs

38mm SDH Dumbbell Handle Specifications:

  • 38mm diameter handle helps build a stronger grip
  • CNC milled from solid stainless steel billets for optimum balance
  • Built to work with standard (1” hole) steel plates or rubber coated weight plates
  • +/- 1% weight tolerance 
  • Stainless Steel
  • Knurling - medium,  grippy textured. Will not let know lose your grip with sweaty hands,  but will not cut up your hands from to aggressive knurling
  • Plate-to-plate spacing: 5.75" (4.75" knurled)
  • Bolts and washers included (end-caps as well as replacement washers and bolts are also available, sold separately)
  • Finish: Stainless steel

Build your own dumbbells:

All sets fit 2.5-12.5lb plates on either end of the handle.

Total plates per handle:

  • SDH1 - 1 plate each side
  • SDH2 - 2 plates each side
  • SDH3 - 3 plates each side
  • SDH4 - 4 plates each side
  • SDH5 - 5 plates each side
  • SDH6 - 6 plates each side
  • SDH7 - 7 plates each side
  • SDH8 - 8 plates each side

    Handle weights (handle and bolts only, washers not included):

  • SDH1 - 3.00lbs
  • SDH2 - 3.35lbs
  • SDH3 - 3.7lbs
  • SDH4 - 4.05lbs
  • SDH5 - 4.40lbs
  • SDH6 - 4.75lbs
  • SDH7 - 5.10lbs
  • SDH8 - 5.45lbs

What size handle will I need using large dumbbell handle washers? Build the following dumbbells, finishing them with CFF large washer ends.

  • SDH1 - 5-20lbs
  • SDH2 - 25-40lbs
  • SDH3 - 45-60lbs
  • SDH4 - 65-80lbs
  • SDH5 - 85-100lbs
  • SDH6 - 105-120lbs
  • SDH7 - 125-140lbs
  • SDH8 - 145-160lbs

What size handle will I need when using end-caps? Build the following dumbbells, finishing them with CFF rubber end-caps.

  • SDH1 - 10-25lbs
  • SDH2 - 30-45lbs
  • SDH3 - 50-65lbs
  • SDH4 - 70-85lbs
  • SDH5 - 90-105lbs
  • SDH6 - 110-125lbs
  • SDH7 - 130-145lbs
  • SDH8 - 150-165lbs
Note: Though you will never have perfectly accurate dumbbells unless they are milled, you should be able to get them within 1lb if you follow this guide.

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